What do our customers say about RamQuest?

Who better to hear from about how RamQuest can benefit a title and settlement operation than your peers, other industry professionals and our customers? 

Affirmative Escrow

"Since our implementation, we have seen a decrease in the number of update phone calls we receive, which tells us that our customers are getting the information that they need from these new tools. California has so much to gain from what RamQuest has to offer and we are excited to share that with our customers."

  • Brynne Bradbrook - General Manager

Brady and Kosofsky

"Having evolved into a technology company which also happens to practice law and close real estate transactions, partnering with a team who’s attentive to our needs and always willing to assist in innovation, development and troubleshooting is a must. RamQuest has been all of that for us from day one. RamQuest has helped our firm foster many important industry relationships and has given us numerous opportunities to stay “in the know”. RamQuest also helps us stay ahead of the competition which has enabled us to experience exponential growth as a company; they’ve scaled with us as we’ve grown, meeting our every need."

  • Jaime Kosofsky - Managing Partner

Long and Foster Settlement Services

"TRID is putting more and more demands on businesses to up their technology game – and we can do this with confidence because RamQuest is by our side. They deliver the products we need to be a leading provider in our market and they make sure we have the right technologies to keep us relevant and competitive for many years to come. Because we have partnered with RamQuest, who is a leader in their industry, we are able to lead in ours."

  • Quintus Williams - Executive Vice President

Morgan County Abstract

"We have four offices in four counties. RamQuest makes my life easier as a manager to help out each employee. FileScan Plus! has made our lives less cluttered in our paper based industry. I love being paperless!"

  • Amy Coats - Manager

RGS Title, LLC

"RamQuest is always out in front of any changes - when I reach out to them, they already know and are aware of it, whether it is a document update or something bigger like the 2010 HUD or legislation. And, technology wise, there is no competition for the technology that they have."

  • Shawnee Williams -

WACO Title

“Successful business is built with the right relationships! Our relationship with RamQuest began more than 10 years ago. In that time, we have experienced two large regulatory changes. Then and now, RamQuest consistently provides title production software solutions that are userfriendly and innovative. RamQuest not only provides software solutions, they are committed to education as well. RamQuest helps us be ready and educated when changes are inevitable.”

  • Amanda Brumbelow - Director of Closing Operations

Integrity First Title

"After using RamQuest at a previous company, I implemented it for a builder in 2007. Then, in 2011, the builder needed to find a new owner in three short weeks, but having RamQuest as a dowry helped me secure a new owner in just two! The new owner liked the flexibility and the secure features built into the product...so they bought the company and we still use RamQuest today."

  • Betty M. Dobbie - CLC