Two day course at RamQuest Headquarters, Plano, TX - One of the most critical steps in implementing the RamQuest Software Solution, this course is specifically designed for the key business decision makers within your organization. They will learn how to evaluate and optimize your current business processes in preparation for integrating them with the software tools and processes of RamQuest's Enterprise solution. This course is not intended for your IT staff.

During this process new customers will be setting up their live database as much as possible. Each company will be entering information on one PC, due to data setup. Upon completion of the BPI course, RamQuest will back up each company's database and then restore that database into the respective customer's server. Allowing for the database setup to begin during this training, each customer will have hands on to their new system and also begin this process. Any remaining information will be done by the customer after the restore has taken place.

Items covered during the 2 days (time is dependent on questions and flow of the class):

RamQuest One Configuration

Begin setup of data into the database with notations as to the office work that would be needed upon returning to the office. The order of setup will follow that similar to the RamQuest One Supervisor Power Items document. Configuration items such as:

Throughout this training there will be references back to RamQuest One (Daily Work Place) for the appropriate areas of information being set up.

Standard Language (Code/Clause Setup)
Define and setup Standard Language (clauses) that will be used during the daily activity of the title department.

3rd Party Companies (Company/Contact Setup)
Define 3rd party companies and impact in all areas of program make decisions as to setting standards for entry.

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