Linda Lee

Linda Lee

Engagement Manager

Linda Lee joined RamQuest in July of 2013 as Conversion Specialist to assist CCE Customer to convert to RamQuest One. She has conducted various CDF and PaperlessCloser webinars as well as a couple onsite new user trainings.

In February of 2017, Linda Lee was promoted to an Engagement Manager. One of her primary responsibilities consists of being a project manager who successfully prepares customers to go live with Ramquest (Conversion from CCE to RamQuest One, brand-new customer to CCE, or brand-new customer to RamQuest One). Another responsibility she holds is to assist customers with the process of gathering information for implementation as well as to manage timelines, customer needs and expectations. Linda resolves issues and ensures a positive customer experience! She also provides training and go live support to ensure customer success and satisfaction.

As a prior customer of RamQuest with 18 years of experience in the Title Industry before joining RamQuest, Linda completely understands the challenges and frustrations customers encounter. Linda Lee has a positive attitude and is prepared to take on any challenge!