In this episode of Commitment Matters, Mary learns the ins and outs of E&O policies from expert, Vick Crowe, Senior Vice President & TIAC Program Manager with B. F. Saul Insurance, Inc. You can reach Vicki by email at She also kindly provided a “What to look for in E&O Insurance” guide you can download here.

During their conversation, Mary or Vicki mentioned:

  • ALTA offers educational resources regarding E&O Insurance.
  • Vicki explained a bit about claims-made policies.
  • She also briefly mentions D&O liability. Here's more on that.
  • Mary and Vicki recounted an occasion when a notary mistakenly assumed their insurance was sufficient when working as a Title Agent. Here's a look at notary E&O insurance from the National Notary Association.
  • Have you ever visited the website for Lloyds of London?
  • Vicki repeatedly mentions the importance of reporting a claim, or completing an incident report, at the right time. Here is more advice on claims reporting for E&O insurance.
  • Here's a sample of a warranty statement.
  • Vicki walked Mary through the difference between Asset Purchase vs Stock Purchase of a business. Here's a bit more on that.
  • I think it would be great to show a sample certificate of insurance but when I googled there were HUNDREDS and…uhmm… I do not feeI qualified to know what's right. Do you, Mary? Or, do you think Vicki might have something? Or, is this a bad call altogether? #liabilities
  • Did you know about Eroding Limits of Liability?
  • Mary asked about Cyber Liability with regards to E&O Insurance. Check out what B. F. Saul Insurance, Inc. offers on the topic.
  • I looked for, but did not find any articles or info on RON & E&O. If anyone has anything, I'll be happy to add it!
  • VIcki mentions underwriting for TIAC, the only company wholly owned and governed by title professionals.

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