Have you heard about Inx, the new, cool technology in the RamQuest family that is bridging the gap to help eliminate some of the hurdles of moving toward true eSignatures? Inx uses a patented digital pen to capture both digital and wet-ink signatures for every document in your closing package. Intrigued? Let’s look at how it works!

The best place to start is with your documents -- these are documents from your production system, your lender or any document that you need for closing. A quick export sends the documents to the Inx servers where a unique micro dot pattern is applied to each of them before they’re returned to you. While it might sound complicated, this is an easy process that is completed in a matter of seconds. All that’s left to do is to print the documents and you’re ready to go.  

From here, we move to the closing table…this is where the magic happens. Inside every Inx pen is a tiny camera. As you write, this camera captures the exact location of each pen stroke on the patterned documents. Not only can you sign and date documents, you can also strike through, make a note or initial anywhere on any of the pages…and the Inx pen captures it all. The pen also records the GPS location of the signing and this innovative technology allows photos, of a driver’s license for example, to be attached for verification.

When you’re done signing, the Inx pen securely sends all the captured data to a connected smart phone that, in turn, sends the information to the Inx servers. The Inx servers reassemble the data with the original document, again in a matter of seconds, and the signed documents are returned to your system, now in an electronic format and no longer carrying the microdot pattern. If you’re wondering, this process is secure. It might be helpful to think about it like a lock and key. The unique microdot pattern belongs to only one document and acts as the key that enables the reassembly of the original, locked document.

Besides the immediate benefit of both a wet-ink and a digital signature for every document in your closing package, Inx also allows instant quality control which helps expedite turning a loan back onto the secondary market. Additionally, the Inx pen is advancing mobile notarization. With an Inx pen, a notary can take documents from the title company to any remote location, have them signed and, within minutes, the signed documents are back at the title company. And if you’re signing in a state that allows electronic notaries, the notary will have an Inx pen associated specifically to them so, when they sign, the Inx technology will place their electronic notary seal on the document.

That’s Inx…it really is that cool and it really is that simple. And it’s available now! Even more intrigued? See the Inx pen in action for yourself at inxsign.com/seeit or contact us at info@inxsign.com to learn more.