In this SPECIAL EDITION episode, Mark Lowery, Editorial Director at October Research is back with Mary to lend his expertise in unpacking their 11th Annual Voice of the Title Agent special report. As a free download, the report offers key insight from agents about how they view things like business opportunities and concerns, compliance, security, technology and more. You can reach Mark via email at

During the interview, Mary and Mark talk about:

  • October Research’s 11th Annual Voice of the Title Agent special report.
  • Mark mentions an increased number of acquisitions in our industry in the past year, highlighting this recent mutli-office acquisition.
  • October Research’s iBuyers report was briefly discussed during the interview.
  • As noted in the interview, smaller and middle-sized Title Companies can struggle to maintain sufficient security standards but there aren’t many resources to help you check your E & O policy. Here’s a great resource from Title Industry Assurance Company to help review your coverage.
  • As Mary and Mark mentioned, emergency legislature may soon expire in your area. To learn more, be sure to check ALTA’s Digital Closing resources.
  • Mark tells of a story about a Floridian Title Company’s customer falling victim to fraud during the closing process. Here’s an overview of stories just like this from the Florida Bar Review. He also notes the FBI has prioritized a financial limit when pursuing fraudsters because it is so rampant. Look at this long list of articles the FBI has published related to Mortgage Fraud.
  • States Title and their work on machine learning was also noted during the interview.

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