Digital Signing with RamQuest One

A modern approach to today's real estate closing process

What if a solution could provide a modern approach to our real estate closings while still meeting all of the heavily regulated closing requirements?

RamQuest's new digital signing solution, Inx, uses innovative technology and a patented digital pen to enable the capture of both electronic and wet-ink signatures for every document in your closing package. With Inx, not only do you have a complete digital closing package that can immediately be published and accessed by lenders, buyers and sellers with the appropriate permissions, you also have wet-ink signatures on each and every document that can be used for any post-closing need that requires an original signature. And Inx consistently offers this same flexibility whether you are handling the closing in your office or remotely.

And because Inx is already integrated to RamQuest One, using Inx with your RamQuest One production solution is seamless and easy! 


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