RamQuest One is a feature-rich solution, designed for title and settlement professionals, that supports every aspect of your title, escrow and closing operation.  

RamQuest One was designed for today’s title company and makes it easy to manage the entire title and settlement process, from order entry through title policy. From a single point for entering and editing data, to endless integrations for seamless, efficient processing to tools that help ensure that nothing slips through the cracks, RamQuest One is the One solution that will enable you to streamline your title, closing and escrow processes like never before.

RamQuest One has all the functionality that your title and settlement operation needs to gain competitive advantages and drive business. When you're ready to grow your business and set yourself apart in the markets you serve, you're ready for RamQuest One!


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Order Entry

Base file, reporting and contract information is keyed a single time or automatically populated from integrated loan origination solutions and then stored for retrieval or deployed to other areas of the order, including documents and reports.

Title Production

Collects information for specific title products that may be required with an order such as Commitments, Title Reports and Title Guarantees.

Policy Production

Quick and easy creation of necessary title insurance products that integrates title production information.

Recording Tracking

Detailed breakdown, for reporting purposes, of recording costs and courthouse recording information for each document associated with a file.

Closing Disclosure Form

RamQuest’s smart and intuitive Closing Disclosure Form is easy to manage, easy to understand and easy to train, and our unique approach also ensures that you have a Closing Disclosure that will fully support lender collaboration.

Settlement Statement

Separate but detailed credits and debits for both buyers and sellers, for commercial or other orders that do not require a Closing Disclosure Form or HUD-1; add lines to fit business needs.

EZ-ALTA Settlement Statement

We’ve made it faster and easier to create an ALTA Settlement Statement. Helpful color coding identifies needed actions at a glance and ALTA totals are displayed on the bottom of the form so you can see that you’re in balance. A Closing Disclosure Form is created simultaneously in case you need it, no rekeying required.

Order Scheduling

Centralized calendar for closings and other relevant events where closing dates and times are automatically populated increasing efficiency and eliminating errors.

Check Writing

Creation of receipts and disbursements within orders in the system and a seamless transfer of information between Check Writing and the Closing Disclosure Form, or the HUD-1, and Settlement Statement with a simple mouse click.


Billing, payments and credits for services associated with an order are maintained, managed and applied.

Electronic Document Management

Your virtual file – saves time and money, enables efficiency and provides the foundation for centralized processing.

Vendor Management

Enable vendor selection based on order criteria, geographic definition, task or price, as defined in your operation’s configuration.

3-Way Account Reconciliation

With RamQuest One’s fully-integrated 3-Way Account Reconciliation, information is fed directly from Check Writing and eliminates the extra steps to import or export, delivers a real-time view into your bank account(s) and provides secure audit trails.

Positive Pay

A valuable additional security feature, Positive Pay creates a file for your bank with transactions authorized for payment.

E-Bank Reconciliation

RamQuest One does the account reconciliation "heavy lifting" for you by importing detailed cleared transactions from your bank. Not only will this speed reconciliation, this significantly reduces chance of fraud and minimizes errors.

Escrow Accounting

RamQuest One's Escrow Accounting facilitates 3-way reconciliation of escrow/trust accounts based on transactions within the order.

24/7 Access to Files

Take customer service to the next level while increasing efficiency by communicating with customers via the internet. Give customers convenient, 24/7 access to files and maintain control with easy-to-manage security settings and rules that will automatically route incoming orders.

Rate Engine

RamQuest One features a fully integrated Rate Engine that enables streamlined setup, management and maintenance of your title insurance rates.


Simplify management of the process of moving orders through your organization and monitoring tasks by giving visibility into an order, from start to finish.

Barcode Technology

Importing documents into your system and automatically routing them to the right place couldn't be easier! RamQuest's barcode technology does this and more. This short video demonstrates how easy and intuitive RamQuest's barcode technology is to use.

Email Automation

Put automation to work with this tool that runs in the background of your RamQuest solution and scans email subject lines and, based on the pre-determined rules, identifies and appends copies of necessary emails to the appropriate files in FileScan for you.