RamQuest One Production Solution

The most flexible title and settlement production solution in the industry.

RamQuest One combines modern technology with the best-in-class business experience of RamQuest resulting in a fully integrated title, settlement and escrow solution that will fully support your operation today as it enables your business well beyond tomorrow.

RamQuest One’s capabilities have been extended to take full advantage of its .NET framework, resulting in the most flexible solution on the market today. RamQuest One is scalable, secure, comprehensive and efficient. And, RamQuest One is designed to be configured to meet all of your business requirements, without the need for costly custom development.

Technology and Architecture
The Microsoft .NET platform serves as the foundation for RamQuest One and enables this solution to command maximum power, speed and stability. RamQuest One’s architecture ensures easy deployment and updates. And, the flexible presentation of RamQuest One gives your operation the ability to customize user interfaces based on roles, for an enhanced experience, increased speed of adoption and reduction in training costs.

Capture Custom Information
RamQuest One enables you to capture additional title and settlement information needed by your business without costly custom programming and development. Your users now have the ability to create custom screens in order to gather and manage information specific to your organization or to a particular type of order like REO, Foreclosure or 1031 Transactions. This custom data is then easily made available for use in documents, reports and other areas of the RamQuest One platform, increasing efficiency and improving effectiveness.

Truly Customizable Workflow
Managing the process of moving orders through your organization becomes easy with customizable, user-defined workflows. RamQuest One’s Workflow enables comprehensive management and visibility of an order, from start to finish. Users can assign an order or tasks associated with an order (both internally and externally), view tasks across all orders and get at-a-glance productivity information. This dynamic tool improves performance, gives transparency and increases visibility across all aspects of an organization.


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