What do our customers say about RamQuest?

Who better to hear from about how RamQuest can benefit a title and settlement operation than your peers, other industry professionals and our customers? 

Affirmative Escrow

"Since our implementation, we have seen a decrease in the number of update phone calls we receive, which tells us that our customers are getting the information that they need from these new tools. California has so much to gain from what RamQuest has to offer and we are excited to share that with our customers."

  • Brynne DesMarteau-Ray - General Manager

Assurance Title Services

"ready2close is great. We’re excited to have access to all of the tools it allows and to have a technology that enables us to communicate so easily with our clients."

  • Stephanie Kamrath-Wright - Closing Department Manager

ATA National Title Group

"We’ve started utilizing several eClosing integrations on RamQuest’s Closing Market network in recent months. Doing this has enabled us to continue to perform closings and service customers, ensuring that documents are signed and/or notarized without missing a beat while respecting social distancing requirements."

  • Rose Moshier - Chief Compliance Officer

Castle Title

"op2 is invaluable to me. My only regret is not switching years ago. It took almost losing all of my data – which would have cost me, my company and my staff everything – to realize that businesses can’t afford to build a server environment that matches the safety, security, and reliability of op2."

  • David Kramer - President/CEO

Integrity First Title

"After using RamQuest at a previous company, I implemented it for a builder in 2007. Then, in 2011, the builder needed to find a new owner in three short weeks, but having RamQuest as a dowry helped me secure a new owner in just two! The new owner liked the flexibility and the secure features built into the product...so they bought the company and we still use RamQuest today."

  • Betty M. Dobbie - CLC

West State Title Company

"I love this software! Preparing commitments and policies is a snap. Keeping track of files is a breeze. And the ability to “look in the file”, virtually, without having to leave my desk to search for the paper file and to see other branch location files with just a click of the mouse? It’s great! Not to mention how easy it is to obtain Underwriter policy jackets, closing protection letters, UPS/Fed Ex labels, etc. through Closing Market. The information automatically populates wherever it is needed in the file and saves time and errors from rekeying information over and over. RamQuest’s software really is the best!"

  • Valerie Symons - RamQuest Administrator

West State Title Company

"We have four offices in four counties. RamQuest makes my life easier as a manager to help out each employee. FileScan Plus! has made our lives less cluttered in our paper-based industry. I love being paperless!"

  • Amy Coats - Manager

Security Title Insurance Agency, LLC

"We are in love with Closing Market and all of the integrated partners! Closing Market enables us to be paperless and that has allowed us to stay on top of things for our clients during this pandemic. Our RamQuest solution also gives us the ability to enable parents to be home with their children and to keep our employees safe by giving them flexibility to work from any location."

  • Sheila Kelemen - Director of Systems and Training

Texas Title

"Over the last several months, our RamQuest solution has enabled us to work remotely as needed and adhere to social distancing requirements. For example with ready2close, we’re able to provide up-to-date, minute-by-minute updates to parties on a the transaction, cutting down on phone calls and emails. It enables clients to send us documents, securely and safely, without having to leave the comfort of their homes. Clients can also retrieve any of the executed documents associated with their file at their convenience without the concerns that come with face-to-face interaction."

  • Desiree Dyer - Sr. Escrow Officer